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Recovery Act Funding Available for Youth Conservation Program

On December 3, the Upper Colorado Region of the Bureau of Reclamation in the Department of the Interior posted on a Funding Opportunity Announcement for $5 million under the Recovery Act for one award to develop a program to involve youth in cooperative efforts in cultural and natural resource conservation related to Reclamation projects.

The Funding Opportunity Announcement is available here:;jsessionid=XSp2LdGGNXKhjcv90RTVmFYJJW5DnM14Sh1FylYnHrRhLSjDh0LC!-1179711943?oppId=50491&mode=VIEW

Eligibility for this Recovery Act funding is limited to youth, veteran, or conservation corps that are able to involve youth in Reclamation projects on a nation-wide basis. A qualified service and conservation corps means any program established by a state, or local government, by the governing body of any Indian tribe, or by a non-profit organization. The closing date for applications is January 8, 2010.